Hari Chand Dhali

Mr. Hari Chand Dhali is a Mechanical engineer by profession and has more than 4 years experience as a process engineer with an automobile MNC.
He is a grounded personality and seeks joys from his roots and the soil.In the course of this career he always felt a gap between his real joys
and the virtual world he was living in. He seeked to live his dreams and enjoy his joys and give back to the society in his own little ways.
His search led him to Ladakh,where he is presently undergoing fellowship in Sustainable Habitat at HIAL,Ladakh (Himalayan Institute of Alternatives)
under the guidance of Raman Magsasay awardee, Mr. Sonam Wangchuk. The fellowship has been a joy and led him to interct with locals,understand the
world around and seek real solutions for real world that would be sustainabe yet simple.
The distressing feeling of living in the broken circle of life pushed him to seek a change and mend this circle.
During the course of Hills fellowship, He has gone through the various aspect of ecology and environment.He has also developed several sustainable solutions
such as Waste management system, water management, inventory management for the local community and also for his alma mater i.e. HIAL.
The decent work experience in the automobile sector has enhanced in skills in planning and execution on a grass root level. It has given him an practical
undertsanding of the real world problems and thus the maturity to find simple yet effective solutions to them.
He always work on a principal of “Work like a coolie and think like a King”. His vision is to develop an ecosystem where current generation can appreciate
the value of past and take learnings from same for a sustainable future.
Mr Hari also has a deep interest in Indian classical music and arts (Volunteered with SPIC MACAY). In his leisure time he loves
to write poetry/stories and play badminton.

Capt. Sarabdeep Singh Manchanda

Capt. Sarabdeep Singh Manchanda, is an adventure seeker and a lifelong learner.He has a soul of a traveller,having sailed across the seven oceans and
visited almost all the seaside countries,during his long 19+ years career at sea.He has explored places,learnt about various cultures and professionally
associated with more than 20-30 different nationalities.
Travel has always been his passion and has led him to drive more than 60000 KM to far off and close by places in Uttarakhand (His Home state), Himachal,
Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh and also Bhutan.Other exciting places have been Thailand, The Philippines, Andaman and Nicobar and New Zealand.
Travelling has always provided him with peace and tranquility and has been his best life coach and teacher.
The charm of local people,the experiences of a casual homestay, the interactions with people of the mountains, their honesty and simplicity, their
wisdom and knowledge about life in general and amazing use of locally available resources to enhance their lifestyle has always fascinated him.
He realises that in blindly following the western world and its complicated ways we have SIMPLY LOST the ability to think and listen- SIMPLY!
In his zest of seeking real satisfaction and contributing to the real world, he left his well settled job and choose to undertake fellowship in Responsible
Tourism at HIAL,Ladakh (Himalyan Institute of Alternative Leraning) under the guidance of Magsasay awardee,Mr. Sonam Wangchuk.During the course of Hills
fellowship, He has understoodhe various aspect of ecology and environment.He has also developed several sustainable solutions such as Waste management
system, water management, inventory management for the local community and also for his alma mater i.e. HIAL.
The rare opportunity (Fellowship) opened opportinities of staying with locals,understanding their problems (and of the world!),their ingenuine and simple solutions
to same and an opportunity to learn under the guidance of best experts in the world.He has realised that life is not about running around in a circle,
but,sometimes just standing and watching the beautifull world around us and soaking in the joys it has to offer.
He envisages a self-sustained lifestyle that would make us humans and Mother Nature part of a common team, with each team member working in sync for
the common goal of attaining a simple,sustainable and responsible living. Having realised the importance of travelling, he wishes to use responsible and
sustainable tourism to connect the youth to their roots,introduce them to native cultures and practices,bring them closer to nature so that they can
mend their BROKEN life circles and be one with nature.
In his student days,Sarabdeep has been an avid sportman,cross country winner,theatre artist,debator/elocutionist and project manager.
In his leisure time he likes to travel,read books,drive,interact with locals and sometimes play cricket.