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Kaathkuni Indian Street Startups 


India as a country has so many inspirational stories to tell, and so many experiences to learn from. Similarly, Indian streets are full of great and visionary stories of REAL startups that are set up by REAL people! 

They require dynamic thinking, have bare minimum investments, are specific time based and work in the most unorganised environs with no rules and regulations, despite these, they come out to be great success stories. These startups have a lot to teach, but, sadly, these stories remain in the streets.

A platform for Street Startups:KISS

Team Kaathkuni (Kaathkuni Edu-Tourism and Consultants LLP) is in its journey towards creating our own startup realised. A dearth of REAL Indian Case Studies for startups to understand and learn from the REAL challenges and experienced by such REAL INDIAN startups. We might have an MNC or big company, but, we need to relate to and experience challenges that cash-starved yet passionate startup like us faced so that we can really feel one with them and appreciate their journey towards success/failure.

As they say, “Necessity is the MOther of invention”. If you don’t have it, invent it.

We took upon us the responsibility of researching the Street Start-ups and documenting their journeys towards their successes and failures.

As we researched. we realised that our streets have great stories of budding and smart entrepreneurs, right tour doorsteps, but we somehow overlooked them.

Not any more! 

KISS is an initiative to bring forth these inspirational journeys to the limelight. We have interviewed the Street startups and documented their journeys (as they narrated to us, without any of our biases).

We feel that such case studies will be great tools for following the target audience:

  1. Budding Entrepreneurs who wish to create their startups and can appreciate the journeys of such engine steer startups.
  2. Young students from school and colleges who would appreciate the journey our very own chai wallahs,sabji wallahs, samosa wala, chow mein walls. Thus making them more compassionate and understanding they start to appreciate the hardships and journeys of such talented people.
  3. Asa case study in Business schools and Colleges.
  4. For anyone who wishes to explore interesting stories around them.

KISS salutes such Street Startup and wishes to bing the focus on THEM (The REAL and our very OWN people).

We envision it to be a platform, from where our startup can take up their new journey towards greater heights. So, request all your support and help in making this idea a success.

We welcome such street startups stories from anywhere, who know your next-door sabji wala could be an inspiration for a HYPERMARKET startup somewhere!

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