Kaathkuni Homes- Luxury Homestay in Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

Peace and Positivity is internal.

You have to feel it inside you. You have to clear the clutter inside. The ambience might help as a catalyst but the reaction has to start with you!

“Family” Luxury Forest Villa by Kaathkuni Homes was conceived to help create that ambience where positivity and creativity are further nurtured and enhanced.

A two BHK Luxury Villa with a large terrace and a huge lawn, engulfed with dense forest from three sides and a charming view of the beautiful Doon valley, this property is something right out of the postcards. Painstakingly designed to details, ensuring that there is no clutter of furnishing yet decently designed to provide that sense of belonging, you will immediately form a personal connection with the ambience. A home away from home is just apt definition for the villa. Classic use of Pinewood in the interiors add to the richness and royalty, taking the visitor to the European era, in local ambience. The Pine wood stairways, that welcomes you at the entrance, is the cherry on the cake and is something that adds a wow factor as soon as you enter the Villa.

There are 2 cozy rooms namely the Bird’s Nest and King’s Nest. There are cute stories attached to the name. The Bird’s Nest actually has an actual Mud Nest made by a Barn swallow Bird. It was during the construction of the walls of the room, that this nest was made, eggs were laid and 4 young birds were born and cared for by their mother. All this while the construction was going on, the owners ensured that the Bird’s life was not disturbed! The Bird’s family left their temporary abode, but, the nest has been painstakingly preserved by the owners, who narrate the story with keen passion and interest to their guests!

The King’s Nest, is the first floor bedroom with a huge terrace. It sits atop a Hill overlooking the Doon Valley, just like a King’s Fort overlooking it’ subjects! The guest gets a feeling of a King, overlooking his subjects; the view is beautiful from here especially during the night, when city lights twinkle like stars in the valley! Bothe the rooms have added view of the forest from their respective windows.

The kitchenette is well designed, clutter free and stuffed with all utensils and crockery that you would need. The topping in the cake is the Caretaker, Mr. Vipin, who is a great person and a great cook. He will happily serve you fresh, healthy homely food that is finger licking good, with a broad smile! You get to drink pure Himalayan Spring water from the in-house spring at the property! The living room is spacious, inspired by the Ladhaki Living room. You will essence of Ladakh in the living room, with the tables brought all the way from Ladakh, and the sitting inspired from the Ladhaki Living room. The big lawn is well maintained with lots of ornamental, herbal and fruit bearing trees. The entrance walkway is the stone pebble walkway, that reminds you of the English Era when all big bungalows and offices has similar walkways. Few Heritage sites and old school in Dehradun still maintain this beauty! It is still fun to walk on these!

The forest is full of life with a varied variety of Flora and Fauna. The forest beams with life with a great variety of plants, flowers and trees, which is a heaven for any nature lover. Fauna like Barking Deer, Wild Hare, and numerous birds can easily be sighted here. It is fun to watch and hear the birds chirping and playing around as you sip in your Tea!

This place is uniquely placed, in Purukul Village, Dehradun, which is midway from Dehradun to Mussorie. It’s an ideal base camp for families, Couples and informed traveller who wishes to re-discover himself and his friends and family. The ambience ignites thoughtful conversations with your loved ones and the homely food never lets you miss your home! Yoga, Meditation and finding your own self, this is the kind of place for these experiences. The owners also arrange Yoga Teachers, Cookery Classes for the enthusiastic. Village Walks, Rural Immersion, Organic Farming, River Walks, IKIGAI Sessions are other experiences that can be arranged on request.

So, if you wish for a getaway, which is close to nature, comfortable, cozy and homely then you shall look no further. Just feed in “Kaathkuni Homestay” on you map and start the ignition. You will be amazed by the whole setup and the best part is, all this with in your budget. The owners are presently offering great discounts owing to their launching season.

Enjoy a SIMPLE, SUSTAINABLE and RESPONSIBLE living at “Family” Luxury Forest Villa by Kaathkuni Homes!








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