Kaathkuni Experiences-Experiences that are part of your book yet out of our normal syllabus!

Our Team with the Majestic Ice Stupa

It’s all about experiencing the SLOW life, the way it was really meant to be!

What is an Experience? What is #kaathkuni experience? What is that feeling that stays with you?

Well experience is something that is out of your normal syllabus!

A feeling or activity, that is beyond the activities of your normal routine life!

A trek to the glacier with friends,immerses you in nature!

Someone might get an experience by jumping from an aeroplane; other might experience it in Bungee jumping and so on. On the other hand, it is an EXPERIENCE to just be with themselves for some people! To be one with nature, observe the flora and fauna flourishing, smell the forest, walk along a green trail leading to a beautiful river and a small village. Listen to the music of the chirping/singing birds/peacocks/wild hen, observe a Barking Deer pass by and enjoy their musical barking in the evenings! Observe rural living in action and get a chance to be part of a rural family, observing and discussing their daily chores, enjoying the local cuisine in an ambience, which is simply out of your dreams. Walking along uncharted trails and even a few charted ones, observing the amalgamation of rural/urban architecture, sitting amongst the greens holding a cup-a-tea in one hand and that book you always wished to read or rather write in the other hand.

Experiencing Rural Living in sustainable homes
Experiencing the tectonic shift right at the source

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If any of the above experiences, do ring a bell in your head, or connect with your deep thoughts and wishes, you might have a place to realise your dreams and follow your passion.

Kaathkuni Homes is a hideout engulfed by rich forests from three sides and a great vantage point with an amazing view of the Doon valley at one side. It’s a Luxury Villa, tastefully done place. The  interiors are innovatively done with Pine wood. There is a large Living Room, inspired from low sittings in Ladhaki Homes (The owners are actually Research Fellows in Responsible Tourism/Sustainable Habitat from HIAL, Mr. Sonam Wangchuk fame, Ladakh). There are two bedrooms, one on each floor. The first floor has a Huge Terrace with great views, and the ground floor has a great sit out with Doon valley and forest view. There is also a fully equipped Kitchenette, with the services of a trained Caretaker, Mr.Vipin who is ever smiling and a great cook. The huge lawn and the stone boundary wall adds that rich touch to the whole villa. Overall a great place, simply yet elegantly done for a great comfortable stay.

Lawns at Kaathkuni Homes-A personalised experience fro friends and families!

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Mr. Hari and Mr. Sarabdeep, who operate this place, ensure that the guests have a beautiful Experience, which takes them in a journey towards self-exploration and satisfaction. The focus is to remove the “Suffer(ing)” out of the “SAFAR” (travel in Hindi). They recommend that the best Experience at Kaathkuni Homes is to explore your own self, spend ME time, relax and Talk to the family, read a book, experience the flora and fauna and just BREATHE. All this may sound very strange, but, these are the exact simple things we humans are stopped enjoying. These are the simple things that feed you real joys, but sadly the present artificial world has taken all these simple and basic joys away from us. We have to re-introduce these simple joyful experiences in our lives to experience the REAL joy we all have been missing from our lives.

Rural and Urban kids play together in nature.The joys of being one with nature and letting it loooose!
Experience and engage your 3H
Experience and engage your 3H- HAND,HEAD and HEART!

There are numerous trails, village walks, river walks, rural immersion, bird watching tours, cycling tours that make you explore the simple joys of life. For the kids and enthusiasts, there are “Mitti ki baatein” experiences where we play and create with the soil with our own hands. Some beautiful creation like a MUD TANDOOR, MUD ROCKET

etc have come out of these sessions. The idea of such experience is to move explore the 3 H of experiential learning i.e. the HAND, HEART and HEAD. When children play with clay, they learn and enjoy!

Slow cooked food over this Clay Chulha takes you back in times of flavours and smoky aroma!

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Sustainable living, Rural Experiences.Lots of fun and learnings!

There are also unique experiences like local café hopping, city tours, local sightseeing, Mussorie tours and some visit to some hideouts tucked away from the tourist’s eye, that can be also be arranged. Hari and Sarab will sit with you, understand your needs and shall be happy to provide with you with their insights to ensure that your stay turns out to be a memorable EXPERIENCE, whose memories shall always be relished.

People at Kaathkuni fully subscribe to the idea that experiences define your life. It is only by visiting the place will you be able to really appreciate its beauty and offerings. So, fasten up your seat belts, pack up your bag packs and start your journey towards memorable experiences.

Authentic Nature immersion
A Villa in the Hills-Full privacy and King style treatment. Forest engulfed, with a great Doon Valley view, there are numerous trails that take you to unexplored territories!
School Edu-Tour In dehradun
Lets explore our IKIGAI together!

Know more about #kaathkuni homes at: https://g.page/kaathkuni?share

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-The writer Capt. Sarabdeep Singh, has been sailing across the world during his 19 years career in Merchant Navy. He has been an avid traveller and is presently on a sabbatical, pursuing Research Fellowship in Responsible Tourism from HIAL (www.hial.edu.in) Ladakh, under Mr Sonam Wangchuk.




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