Jade House: A Homestay In Leh

Jade house homestay in leh,ladakh

1. Location and Description:

Less than a km from the main market lies this 4 bedroom homestay. The artery roads, not accessible by cars/vehicles lead you into this vast Open Campus wherein the centre stands tall this beautifully done house surrounded by a small farm, where local veggies are grown.

The exterior is done up nicely but it’s the interiors that take the cake away. Interiors are done up with minimalistic and artistic use of furniture placements. The wall shelves done up on the first floor is really a piece of art to look at and appreciate.

Bedrooms are done up nicely with nice low lying beds and use of light/classy linens and curtains. Rooms are well lit up by natural lights.

The bathrooms too are done up nicely, with a nice selection of sanitary stuff, giving it a nice modern look.

Public places are quite lively and comfortable, and the open terrace on the first floor provides a great hangout place for the tourists.

There is also a private balcony sit-out attached to each of the bedrooms.

2.The Experience/Attractions:

The host family is quite well off (Both parents Doctors), and it’s the daughters that run the show with minimal assistance from parents.

The host is a Self Acclaimed Traveller who likes to travel in the winters and has decent experiences in Homestays boarding in domestic/international sectors. As per her, she tries to use her experience and knowledge of travelling to provide a great and fulfilling experience for the guests.

She is quite clear about the types of guests she would like to cater to in her home and has very clear cut House Rules and order to be followed and maintained by the guests. As part of the tour, she briefs the guests about these expectations and also makes it clear that same if not followed

could lead to guests being asked to leave, and, she proudly claims to have used this discretion a couple of times!

The hosts believe in providing the guests with a home away from home personalised experience. She likes to mingle around with guests and claims to have a knack of understanding the guest’s mentality by the way they conduct themselves.

She likes to promote responsible tourism and if guests are interested, she provides customised experiences as Heritage Walks around the lanes of

Old Leh town, touching upon various galleries and cultural centres and ending up in the Leh Palace.

Artisan breakfast and organic food menu is another experience of indulgence that the hosts provide.


The Stay s available for tourist from 1st April to 15th October.

Pricing is quite premium with the hosts charging about Rs 4000/- PN (May vary with season) for a couple. The extra bed comes at 50% the tariff and this plan does not include flooding. Food is extra and guests can order A-La-Carte from the well-laid food menu that is placed in each bedroom.


Host prefers bookings over Air BNB as it filters the kind of guests she would love to host. Other options are Booking.com and Agoda.com, but are not

much preferred by the host as the guests from these avenues are rather the ones that she would prefer not to entertain.

She does not prefer bookings from Offline agents. Also, she is building up relationships with international communities/agents that would prefer travelling as a group and provide bulk bookings.

5.The verdict of the guests:

We did not get a chance to meet the guests, but the host was quite candid in informing us about the good reviews and experiences they have received online.

As per her, she has repeats guests who loved the experience. She claims to have entertained niche guests (The Ladakh Sarai and Great Dragon kind) who appreciate the place as compared to star hotels available in Leh Town.

The overall ambience is great and the amenities are at par with good hotels in town.

For tourists who can afford the tariffs and are ready to conduct themselves as per the House rules/Hosts expectations, it can turn out to be a great experience

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