Homestay-An authentic and personalised stay options!

A Home away from home:

This sounds a bit cliché and an overused phrase, but simply put, this is what a Homestay is supposed to mean. Now, there might be contradictions, where some people may say, Hey! I am leaving HOME exactly for the same reason, to get AWAY from home, and you want me to book a Homestay on a holiday, Naaaa!

Well, yes the contradiction is valid. Some people might need luxurious resorts, 5 star stays, luxurious stays that splurge on you to give you that feel of a King size life! Believe me, that feeling is quite amazing, intoxicating and that is the reason people are ready to spend a big amount for that feeling.

In fact a big industry flourishes on this feeling!

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Homely food in great ambience

On the other hand, there are those travellers/explorers who wish to spend some quality time with themselves. Merge with the locals, be one with the local community. They wish to literally LIVE the local life, enjoy local cuisines, talk with the locals, understand and explore their cultures, traditions, food, clothing and way of life.

A normal tourist would visit the famous Touristy Places mentioned on Tripadvisor/Google or the tourist guides and check-in his/her presence on social media to confirm to the world that this is done and dusted. The explorer on the other hand would like to explore places where the Locals chill out, their own secret hideouts, their dens, their hang out zones, which they secretly guard from the TOURIST, so that they can enjoy hanging out there free from the maddening crowd and commercial activities, peculiar of a tourist destination.

Carefree activities in a safe environ
Carefree activities in a safe environ

The other thing is the budget. Homestays fall into numerous categories: Basic, Deluxe, Luxury etc. Ranging from a dorm stay, basic rooms to luxury villa accommodation.  Sometimes, they also offer you complete freedom by offering service like fully serviced kitchen, a caretaker service, bike/car on rent and many options to ensure that you have full control over your holidays. Options like swimming pools, spa facility, play zone and a lot more are also offered depending on the host and the category you choose.

All these options always come at a better price range as compared to traditional stay options and that too with a added personalised touch of a Host ensuring your smooth stay.

In a homestay, you book to stay with a local in their home. They are your ‘host’ during your stay

A Happy Host

Staying in a homestay you not only get to visit a destination, you get to really live it too. You see how the locals live their lives – something that is almost impossible to do when staying in other types of accommodation. What make homestays different to other types of accommodation are the hosts. No matter where you’re staying, be it the Himalayan region or downtown Mumbai, you’ll never be in a homestay on your own. Your host will be there during your stay, to welcome you and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Whether you’re planning a short break for two or three nights or a round-the-world trip, a homestay is an ideal option. If you are studying abroad or relocating to another country, a homestay is the perfect place to stay for a couple of months.Your host will help you get to know your new location if you wanted to look for more permanent accommodation.

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A Villa in the Hills-Full privacy and King style treatment
Authentic Nature immersion

Some homestays are modern and contemporary, others offer rural charm. Some are located in the midst of a city centre while some lie on the outskirts. Some may be a room in an apartment, whiel some may be a Luxury Villa sitting atop a beautiful hillside surrounded by the forest and the flora and fauna! There are numerous options available and its up to the client to make an informed decision. Various websites (OTA’S) can help you research and book these Homestays. You can

read reviews, see photographs, study the location etc. and decide on which one best suits your requirement. It may be a city apartment, when you are on a business trip and the need is to be close to the city centre. On the other hand, it could be the Hillside Villa on the outskirts when you are expecting a laidback holiday to read a book or even write one!

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Beautifully done Ladakhi living room

.The COVID experience has initiated a serious contemplation amongst people where they are now forced to re-align their life goals, re-calibrate their lifestyle. There is a major focus towards simplicity, responsibility and sustainability. Unnecessary splurging is something that is being frowned upon and taken as a negative attitude. The Indian way of simple, living and high thinking has probably started being appreciated and is getting the due importance that it deserves.Indians have always welcomed guests at their homes. Have entertained them, fed them well and provided them with the best of stay and food. It’s part of our very culture which states: “Atthi Devo Bhava” i.e. Guests are like Gods, and thus command that respect. The Homestay culuture is nothing new to the Indians and that is why many Indians are turning out to be the best of Hosts, without even getting any trainings or crash courses in Hosting Guests, it’s part of our daily routines!



Next time, when you plan a Holiday, do browse the net (AirBnb, MMT,, etc.). Look for stays, homestays and Villa options and enjoy the beauty of spending your Holidays feeling and living like a local,and that my friend is the best holiday you will have ever had. Believe me, and when I say this, I say it with an experience of travelling to more than 100 countries, Driving across India and Bhutan/Ladakh and having stayed in Homestays and Farmstays since 6 years now, and never returning to staying in a Hotel room, never again!

Organic farming with the kids
Organic farming with the kids
Rural and Urban kids play together in nature
Giving a helping hand to the Locals
Learn farming with the boss
No Hustle/No Bustle, just pure and undiluted natural experiences!

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-The writer Capt. Sarabdeep Singh, has been sailing across the world during his 19 years career in Merchant Navy. He has been an avid traveller and is presently on a sabbatical, pursuing Research Fellowship in Responsible Tourism from HIAL ( Ladakh, under Mr Sonam Wangchuk

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