High on Tie : Purkul Heights Dehradun

After rain view of city

High on Tie : Purkul Heights Dehradun

This High on tie Purukul Heights a Hideout in Dehradun city. It gives a feeling of living in heaven with the charm of the city of Love(Dehradun).

Just at a distance of around 12km from the city centre(Clock Tower) towards Mussoorie road near to Purukul Youth Development Society.


The engaging activity can be done in and around the property. In a very effective price for the location. So, the Tourism expert in Uttarakhand Team Kaathkuni also has its office there. It is really a refreshing environment around and an escape from the daily hustle life.


The cottages are well equipped with safety and modern facility with responsible in nature. The little things make a big difference in nature, without harming nature. Living around it can be seen in the site.

The property is maintained by Kaathkuni(Edu- Tourism Company). The site is a Zero waste zone and run by the localhost.

So the site or cottages can be booked by contacting directly to the Kaatkuni team or on Air BNB or Booking.com.

The prices start from Rs 2000 to 5000 per night with very good food availability.


All the rains have showered at this place and making it heaven in Dehradun. Therefore places like these are rare to make but easy to find. The family who runs this property are from the local area because the owner believes that they owned this land but it will remain a locals property. Although Manchanda family visit regularly and take lead to maintain and shape it further as per the feedback was given by the guest and visiters. But they are also clread the things that the prperty which is now being called as Kaathkuni Gaon ,will always be a part of the village and localites .

The srvices it is taking from the villagers cant be given back.

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