Ladakh : Unknown known places

Region of Ladakh

Ladakh: Unknown known places

A land of high passes connecting the two major and most passes, Shrinagar and Manali highway to Leh district. The meaning of Ladakh itself explains it all “land of high passes”.The explorer paradise, long roads Varen land surrounded by high mountains making it more attractive for the adventure enthusiasts.

The Start Point:

Starting from the Leh main city to the upper valley of  Khardungla(Highest motorable road in the world) it is full of adventure and a lot more to explore. A very less known fact to the common people that the major collision between the Indian plate and the Asian plate which results as of today’s Himalayas. The collision point is somewhere in the Ladakh region and it is still active at some rate.

The attraction of the city:

One of the major attraction in Leh city is Shanti Stupa, Its a symbol of Buddhism which has five stages to depicts five elements of nature. and the top part pointed towards the sky depicts the merger with the universe. From Shanti stupa, we can see a great view of Leh city, Khardungla road, the Back portion of Leh Palace, Indus river view and many more.

Apart from the palaces and fort in Leh, there are several monestry and temple to can be a good place to visit. One of the oldest and biggest monestry in Leh is Hemis, besides that the Hemis national park is an ideal place to see the snow leopard. Likkir is a monestry where a thousand-year-old Juniper tree(Holy in Buddhism) can be seen and experience and a chance to be a part of it. Monesrty is a good example of learning and living with nature. These are the major attractions of the place and other small, small places that add value to the Leh visit can be found by walking.

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